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ایڈیٹر پروفائلز

Daily “ITTEHAD” Islamabad/Abbottabad/Peshawar

Vice President Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors Emeritus Member of the Executive of All Pakistan Newspapers Society.

Born on September 11, 1925 in Lahore, Mr. Sharif Farooq started his journalistic career by joining the Daily “INQILAB” in 1948 and Daily “EHSAN” in 1950. He moved to Peshawar and joined the leading Newspaper of its time Urdu/Pushto Daily “SHAHBAZ” as its Editor and served it from 1952-61. Because of COLD WAR period INTERNATIONAL PROBLEMS being faced by Pakistan in general and PESHAWAR REGION in particular, he left for London and joined renowned Daily “NAWA-i-WAQT” as its Bureau Chief, become Member of the House of Commons Press Gallery Committee and Common-wealth Correspondents Association. During his stay in London, he saw the downfall of McMillan government because of Christine Kealer Scandal 1963. He had the chance to see the rejection of Britain’s Membership to become E.U’s Member at Brussels by France and as a result weeping P.M Edwards Heath.
Continuing his service with NAWA-I-WAQT. He came to Lahore, became its Chief Reporter in 1964, covering 1965 Indo-Pak War. Presidential Election between Madr-i- Millat Fatima Jinnah and Field Marshal Ayub Khan. He also had the chance to get Z.A Bhutto’s first EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW the same very evening when he launched his Pakistan Peoples Party in Lahore in 1967.
He started Weekly “JEHAN NUMA” on the patron of Newsweek and Time, in 1972. He rejoined “NAWA-i-WAQT” Rawalpindi/Islamabad to take charge as its Edition Incharge. IN 1973 HE WENT TO SIMLA WITH QUAID-I-AWAM BHUTTO TO COVER THIS HISTORIC TALKS. He had also the chance to meet late Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman who was responsible to secede from Pakistan in Dacca with Pakistani leadership. In 1975 he was assigned to start Daily “NAWA-i-WAQT”, Edition from Peshawar but the proposal was withdrawn, thus Mr. Farooq started his own Daily “JIHAD” Peshawar, which is being published from Peshawar/Islamabad. Later on, Daily “ITTEHAD” was launched from Abbottabad, Islamabad and Peshawar.
Mr. Sharif Farooq wrote many books. The main theme of these books is to highlight how these countries became great economic powers etc. As a journalist he visited numerous countries of the world including Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Uzbekistan, China, Japan, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Turkish and India etc.
He attended briefings of many international leaders including President Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Premier Chou en Lai, Gamal Nasir, P.J Nehru, Mahatir Muhammad, King Saud-al-Faisal Shaheed, General Musharraf, General Zia-ul-Haq, F.M Ayub Khan, Benazir Bhutto, Bacha Khan, Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Maulana Maudodi, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, General Shah Nawaz (INA), Syed Attaullah Shah Bukhari.
His books “QUAID-I-AZAM JINNAH, FREEDOM FIGHTER OF THE SUB-CONTINENT” became so popular that its English, Arabic, and Persian versions are being published.

His other books include Lincoln Kay Watan Main. Ata Turk Kay, Watan Main. Almia-i- Kiberis. HAQAQ-I-TURKIYA. Pakistan Maidan-i-Jang Main. (INDO-PAK 1965 War).
Wafaqi Jamhoria Germany, Daulat-ul-Kuwait, Kuwaiti Arabic Poetry. Kuwait-Iraq Demarcation. Visit to China. Translation of Khutbat-al-Faisal of late Shaheed Shah Faisal. Naara-i-Inqilab and Paigham-i-Inqilab (Speeches by Late F. M. Muhammad Ayub Khan). His Auto-biography and 25 other books are under process of publication. Mader-i-Millat-Sarma-i-Millat got first prize amongst 47 writers of Pakistan in open competition His other books include Ghulam Faruque Khan, Revolutionary Builder of Pakistan. His new book is about Baroness Saeeda Warsi, Co-Chair Conservative Party and first ever Asian origin Muslim Minister of UK Cabinet. Karwan-i-Azadi—struggle of Non- Muslim leaguer Freedom Fighters.



Tahir Farooq, a senior Pakistani journalist and a political and foreign policy commentator serves as the Chief Editor of “ITTEHAD” Group of Newspapers, one of the Pakistan’s few regional Urdu dailies, published simultaneously Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad and Abbottabad. Maintaining this strenuous and time consuming position, Mr. Tahir Farooq knows the art of striking the balance as he also serves his country in the strategic capacity of the President of the KPK chapter pf the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE), the only representative body of editors in Pakistan.

Mr. Farooq has been part of  national and international entourages consisting consisting of senators, parliamentarians and also senior government officials during various foreign tours. 

The basis of journalism as the fourth estate and a watchdog for injustice brings an undeniable responsibility for journalist to be equally skilled and hardworking. Despite the fact that media community and newspapers in general and particularly in KP face hardships, Mr. Farooq has proven hi mettle bu withstanding the test of time as president of KPK chapter of CPNE. Known for his fearlessness in his expressions and upholdng truth in all circumstances, Mr. Farooq has been elected thrice in the same role. he is also member of All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS), representative body of publisher and owners of newspapers. 

Mr. Farooq is one of those few media personalities of the country, who are institutions within and it has reflected not only in the accomplishments of “ITTEHAD” group of newspaper’s but also in steering the newspaper’s policy in upholding and protecting the national security. 

Born in 1968, Mr. Farooq is associated with journalism since his youthful years. Being the son of the senior journalist and a worker of Pakistan Movement, Late Mr. Sahrif Farooq (TI), he has upheld the journalistic ethics and values as transferred by his father. Carrying this vision by further embracing and advocating nationalistic sentiment at international forums, Mr. Farooq has published several articles defending Pakistan’s geo strategic position in South Asia and Central Asia. His views are widely read and appreciated in intellectual circles. 

Mr. Farooq’s journalist career spans over two decades, during which he has represented Pakistan at several international events Pak-Germen media dialogue held in Berlin, Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Central Asian republics such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. He is an active member of the Asian Society of Civilizations and in the role, he has represented and participated in various media dialogues held in Egypt, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Turkey, China, Iran and Afghanistan. Enjoying a strong and amicable reputation in the media corridors across the globe.